A Boondockers dream
in charming vintage wrapper.

This beauty is the product of a frame up, shell off rebuild of a vintage 1953 Airstream Flying Cloud filled with all of the modern amenities for full time and boondock living. We spent 4 years rebuilding this trailer, working alongside professional tradesmen and have spent the last year living in it with our 2 dogs.

No expense was spared on this build to make sure we could live comfortably full time on the road and not be dependent on expensive RV parks or overbooked campgrounds. If you’re concerned about size, don’t be. I’m 6’4” and was very comfortable living, working, cooking and doing everything else one does in a trailer on a daily basis.

We’re selling this beauty because we think it’s time. Between building out and living in the trailer, 5 wild and amazing years have passed and we have moved on to the next chapter of our lives. However, we want to make sure our Flying Cloud keeps flying. We built it for adventure and that’s what it needs. If you have freedom on your mind and adventure in your heart, this is your home.

You’re also getting every piece of equipment we’ve purchased over the years to provide you with a turnkey entrance to road life. This includes a portable solar panel, road gear, hoses, power cords, stabilizers, outdoor table and chairs, linens, dishes, and much much more. When you pick the trailer up from us, you’ll be ready to head to your first destination. No stressful preparation or supplies needed!

We will also of course be happy show you, the future buyer, how to set up and breakdown camp as well as all the other pieces of knowledge we’ve gleaned from living on the road.

The best part is that as RVing becomes more and more popular, this trailer becomes more and more rare and is sure to appreciate in value (standard maintenance does apply).

Below is a detailed rundown of every update and upgrade we’ve done to the trailer over the last 5 years. Email or call with questions.

Can be delivered anywhere in North America.

Price & Value

Asking Price: $69,999. Financing Available.

Appraised cash value and insured at $87,500. Immediate equity on purchase.


1953 Airstream Flying Cloud

  • 18' body, 21' with tongue

  • 7' wide

  • About 3,700lbs, wet

  • Aluminum and steel frame.

  • Aluminum interior and exterior skin.

  • we have done complete rebuild of trailer (see below for list)

  • We built the trailer to be both a vintage lovers and boondockers dream. It is a full-time, boondocking rig wrapped in a vintage exterior.

List of Upgrades and Work


  • Professional polish.

  • All new aluminum belly pan.

  • New (vintage style, yellow and white stripe) customized pull out Zip Dee Awning. Most 50s trailers do not have the “attached” style awning like the modern trailers do. We had a Zipdee awning customized to fit the curvature of the trailer so we could easily set up the awning to add even more living space and show off a little.


  • All new subfloor with marine grade plywood.

  • Frame has been re-enforced and painted with rust proofing paint. We removed the original subfloor and wire brushed the entire frame and re enforced some weaker areas. This frame will last another 100 years.

  • New rock wool insulation, which replaced the original fiberglass in walls. After thorough research we decided on rock wool for its efficiency and fire rating, allowing the trailer to be incredibly efficient at staying warm or cold.

  • Closed cell foam insulation in floor

  • All new aluminum interior skin.

  • New front aluminum panel. The original had been “modified” too many times, new front panel is also stronger.


  • All new custom Alder wood furnishings including queen bed in rear, wetbath, closet, table, storage, dinette, galley. Beautiful residential grade wood stained and polyed 10+ times to ensure no warping or degradation.

  • Undermount accent LED lighting in galley. Creates a beautiful glow at night that isn’t harsh.

  • Custom upholstered cushions. Sunbrella frabic, UV resistant. We still have the original template for the cushions, you if you want a different colors cheme/style you can easily have some made.

  • Custom matching curtains

  • Queen size memory foam mattress. The most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. Cut to fit the round corners of the trailer so you get maximum sleeping space. My wife (5’2”) would sleep in the curve and I (6’4”) would stretch out on the longest part and had plenty of room.


  • New water sensor fantastic fan in ceiling. Can pull air in or push air out, keeps you very comfortable when you open one or two windows and pull air out. Has a water sensor so you can leave it open if you leave and it will automatically close if it starts to rain.

  • Dometic 3-way fridge. Can run on 110v electric when plugged in or gas when boondocking. You can also choose to use the 12V when traveling down the road.

  • Natureshead Compost toilet. Has been cleaned and sterilized. You dispose of liquids in any toilet or “nature area ;)” and solids go in a trash bag and can be disposed of in any trashcan or dumpster. Never have to worry about finding a dump site to dump your black tank.

  • Restored very rare 1960 pink Princess 4 burner stove and oven with matching double basin, powder coated sink. The fridge has also been painted to match the stove and sink.

  • New PrecisionTemp RV-550 NSP Tankless Water Heater - Floor Vented. The floor vent allowed us to keep the exterior of the trailer in original condition. We also don’t have to worry about running out of hot water ever with the tankless.

  • New Dickinson 00-NEW-P9000 Newport Bulkhead Heater - Propane Fireplace/Furnace. This baby kept us super toasty in the coldest nights in Colorado and Utah. Which allowed us to boondock in some amazing places that most travelers would not have stayed without electricity for their furnace. It also has a little window to see the flame which makes a nice fireplace glow in the trailer.

  • New Dometic 640315C Penguin Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner, custom painted to match silver exterior. We added this at the beginning to summer 2018 since we planned on spending a lot of time in the south. This does require you to be plugged in, but it makes the trailer like an ice box even in direct sunlight.


  • All new electrical (12V and 110V) in walls, wired for solar and full timing. We “over-built” the electrical to accommodate future additions/upgrades. Wiring is residential grade materials and have multiple safety stops so the expensive battery and inverter/converter system is protected. Electrical box is easily accessible.

  • 700Ah lithium battery with Magnum Hybrid inverter/converter all in one system.  This set up has been the lifeblood of our boondocking adventures. The Magnum Hybrid puts everything on auto pilot, no switching over to 110V or 12V, just turn on whatever fixture or appliance you want.

  • 2 New 145watt flexible solar panels. Seamless with the curvature of the roof, can’t even tell they’re up there. Also incredibly durable, unlike glass solar panels.

  • 1 New 120watt portable solar panel. Capture early morning or late evening or top off during the day to maximize solar intake.

  • Exterior plug for portable solar panel.

  • 110V west elm light fixtures in bedroom and dinette. Makes the trailer feel more like a home

  • Flush mount, adjustable, 12V Led lights in ceiling and bathroom. Lights up entire trailer, uses almost no power.


  • All new gas lines

  • 2 New 20lb aluminum vertical LP tanks. 40lbs total, can be polished to match shiny trailer.


  • 2 new gray tanks in frame with tank warmers. Never worry about gray water freezing.

  • Indoor shower. Shower in wet bath, small, but usable.

  • New 42Gal Fresh water tank. We’ve been able to go about 6-7 days on one tank.

  • All new PEX plumbing. Easy to repair and add to using the Push to Connect fittings.

  • Outdoor shower. Definitely a great feature in the warmers months, cleaning up gear, washing dogs etc.

  • Brand new water pump

Running Gear

  • New wheels and tires

  • New axle. Reinforced and super strong ready for the next 100 years.

  • New leaf springs. Allowed for a 6 inch lift and super strong, no sagging.

  • New electric brakes. Really reduces wear and tear on your tow vehicle.


  • Exterior comm outlet for cable/internet. If you do end up staying at an RV park for a while, you can easily get cable/internet if you want.

  • WiFi & Cellular booster/repeater. This set up allows for ultimate connectivity almost anywhere in the country.

  • Hardwired LP leak detector. Never worry about gas leaks or safety

  • Hardwired commercial grade GPS tracker. Never worry about leaving your trailer in a remote area, can apply a geofence so you are notified if it every leaves a particular area. Or just check on it whenever you want. Will transfer log in info/ownership of tracking account to you.